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Why XD Virtual Tours

Why XD Virtual Tours?

Our tours run on the most advanced virtual tour platform currently available in South Africa. We offer clients so much more then just a 360 degree view of their venue. Our Tours are Interactive websites allowing users to not only view your venue in amazing 360 degrees it also equips them with a whole host of sharing and navigation tools. They can easily share the tour to social networks such as facebook and twitter or choose to open the XD Virtual Camera™ that will allow them the opportunity to take a photo of anything they see while browsing your tour and easily email it to their friends and family providing you with even more exposure.

Our Tours offer users an unforgettable Virtual Experience in the highest available Quality XD. (Extreme Definition) Your venue looks amazing and it deserves to be showcased in the best quality. If the tour is low quality your venue will look low quality but in extreme definition it truly looks amazing.

Our tours work across various platforms and we have the most advanced interlinking system currently available on the market. Users have a choice to view your tour in either 800 x 600 resolution or Extreme Definition Full Screen. Users can also experience the magic of your venue on their Iphone and Ipads. All the browsing options are included as a Standard on all our new Virtual Tours.

The level of detail and interactivity our tours offer are so amazing that users will want to share it with the whole world and they can easily do so with the Build in Facebook and Twitter Sharing Buttons. Users can also choose to open the Virtual camera that will allow them to take a photo of anything they see inside of your Virtual Tours and email it to their friends and family providing you with even more exposure.

All our XD Virtual Tours also receive advertising on XD Virtual Tours.com, Leisure South Africa and the Venue Tours network.

To experience the True power of a XD Virtual Tour just click on one of our clients logos below to Experience the magic we have captured for them.